Connections in Isolation – Seven Original Short Stories from Lockdown

Locked down 24/7. Alone. Or, together too much. 

The pandemic disrupted our lives and our connections to other people, to our jobs, even to our pets. Penned in at home, our relationships confronted unprecedented complications . . . and opportunities.

A compelling collection of short fiction about the challenges and changes the pandemic wrought on relationships.

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A Mother’s Protection

Lauren discovered a buried body. In her backyard. While hunting Easter eggs with her daughter. Strange things happened in the small town of Cave Creek, Nevada, but nothing like this.

Who buried the body and, more importantly, why?

Lauren must find the answers to protect her daughter.

A suspenseful and gripping short story about the risks parents take to protect their children.

Originally published in Promise in the Gold: A Cave Creek Anthology.

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Threats and Kisses

Maria Escobar loves being a doctor. And exploring portals to alternate timelines. Fitting in with the elite at a fundraiser for the Cave Creek Historical Society? Not so much.

Running into Cody Walker, her old nemesis—and crush—from high school? Time to leave.

But despite her desire to avoid Cody, Maria must face the dangers of an alternate timeline to find him again.   

A captivating short story about time travel, danger and love.

Originally published in Bitter Mountain Moonlight: A Cave Creek Anthology.

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Slip to Christmas Past

What would you do if you had a chance to see your dead mother again?

Dakota’s mom died on Christmas Eve, 1998. Over two decades later, she finds a time portal to an alternate 1998.

Will her mom exist in that timeline? Will Dakota lose her again? She needs to find the answers, even if it means lying to her wife.

A holiday short story about love, loss and mortality.

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